History Essay Topics: A List Of 20 Fail-Safe Suggestions

Well if you want to write a good history essay, you will have to keep a few important things in mind. History is a very vast subject and you can pick anything that you like, so there are plenty of options out there. Make sure that you pick the topic very carefully, since your essay will evolve around it. This will be an easy job, just think about something that you are passionate about, something that you like to talk and write about. If you discuss about such an issue, you can be sure that your history essay will come out as good as it can be, since you have put it in everything that you have.

  1. World War One. One of the most important historical events ever. There are plenty of things to write about.
  2. World War Two. Another addition. You can combine the two if you want a bigger paper.
  3. The American Revolution.
  4. The Holocaust. How many victims, where did it have the most impact?
  5. Concentration camps. How were these organized? Where were they situated? How did they function?
  6. Cuban Missile Crisis.
  7. The War of 1812.
  8. Adolf Hitler. An iconic character in the history of Germany.
  9. Abraham Lincoln. One of the “fathers” of today’s America. Plenty to write about.
  10. Bill Gates. He still lives but he sure did make history with his inventions.
  11. Charles Darwin.
  12. Slavery. What was the cause of this? How did it end? Who helped everybody?
  13. Martin Luther.
  14. Women’s right. When where they won? How did woman around the world won the right to vote? What sacrifices were made?
  15. John F. Kennedy. One of the most controversial presidents of the U.S. Why was he killed? How did he live his life?
  16. Malcom X. Another iconic character.
  17. Mark Twain. His books are still being read today. He made history with his writings.
  18. Muhammad Ali. He made a name for himself by fighting. One of the best in history.
  19. Michael Jordan. Well if you are talking about basketball, there is no one better than Michael Jordan, and nobody is sure someone will ever surpass him in the future either.
  20. Genres of Music. There are countless, some quite new and some who are very ancient. There are many types of music that have been present in some cultures for generations.