A List Of Controversial Essay Topics For University Students

The university students are always tested by the professors with a variety of tasks. A student at the university level is quite mature with his academic skills and abilities. He has the potential of taking all sorts of tasks with ease. The students do have mechanisms to find solutions for all the problems. The writing task as always are tougher for the students at the university level as well. There are controversial essay topics which really test the skills and expertise of the students. They are bold and the main problem that the students find is in the research work. The research has to be reliable and authentic so that the students get a positive feedback from the teacher. The main issue in such controversial topics is that the information is not too easy to find due to the nature of the topic. This takes time and requires the students to have excellent research skills to extract the meaningful information from the web in quick time. Then the other main issue is to find the right topic which is good enough to impress your teacher and any reader interested in reading your essay. This is a critical consideration and you must choose the topic very carefully.

The top controversial essay topics:

There are plenty of controversial essay topics that you can think of, but all might not have the potential of producing a quality essay. The following is a list of the top controversial topics which you can consider to write on an essay with ease:

  • Should a woman aborting a child be penalized under the law?
  • Is religion the most important thing in the life of a person?
  • Is religion the only thing that gives identity to the user?
  • Is it legal to shot down a stray street dog?
  • Should gay and lesbians be given special social rights?
  • Should gay marriages be legal all around the world?
  • Is death penalty a too much thing for a criminal or is it justified?
  • How could child adoption be promoted among the wealthy or childless people?
  • What is your opinion and the society opinion about the test tube baby concept?
  • Is test tube baby a controversial thing due to a different biological father of the child?
  • Is there a thing like legal marijuana?