Why Do I Want To Become A Teacher

There are certain truths surrounding certain career roles in society that are riddled with “truths.” One of these truths is the low wages that teachers are said to earn. This is is because a lot of reporting in the news has been consistent about this. But this isn't always the case. It's also not the point as it applies to the position itself, because there's more to teaching than the type of money it pays.

Teaching is certainly one of those careers that's hard to associate with what someone does than with what someone is, a teacher. Those who have children understand the role that teachers play in their child's lives. But it also applies to everyone as everyone has gone through the school system with a teacher in the room. So by that alone, it's very clear that the role is very important. Here, I will point out more directly, why I want to become a teacher.

Settling Into A Career

From the time we start to get into the job market at a young age, depending on how consistent the message was driven into us to keep a job for longer than temporary, we generally do not keep one longer than we have to. This is certainly fine because it gives people more experience in different roles, learning the interview and hiring process and become better job search applicants. But at a certain point the applicant will become exhausted with this and want more permanent status with their job. Settling into a career as a teacher is a much better course of action to take.

Learning More

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to learn more as you teach others. The learning requirements through every school system are always in flux. Of course if you put more effort into your choice of study such as math or English, to the point where you've earned the requirements to become a teacher, than you're actually putting more effort into what you know and understand to become efficient as a teacher. Those are the requirements anyway but the learning never stops because by becoming a teacher, you engage with the students more which makes the learning process consistent and always fresh.

Positive Reinforcement

It's not hard to see that becoming a teacher has job security for the obvious reasons that it's a very involved job role to play. In the past, a teacher was looked up to as a very important leader in the community. While communities have grown larger, the role has become smaller with more teachers going in and out of the school system all of the time. But as the teacher continues to serve their community, they are often recognized as very important members of society. Teaching puts them at that level.

Teaching Is Easier After All

In reality, teaching is a hard career choice because it takes organization and the requirement that the students are actually learning something. Aside from this and other demands, teaching is a prestigious position in that it's not labor-intensive so much as it is mentally. For anyone who's looking for a long term career, teaching is preferable, and for those who work as freelance writers at Write Zillas, teaching would be more easy and fun.