What To Write In A Nursing School Essay – Useful Advice

Your nursing school essay is extremely important to your admittance into a nursing school program. This essay is similar to what other students across the country have to write so take that into consideration when you are writing this. Admittance into nursing school takes required traits that don’t always come out in grades and college entrance scores. Here is some useful advice on how to write a nursing school essay:

  • You need to write this essay to make yourself stand out from the thousands of people that are trying to get accepted into the same school you are trying to gain acceptance to. This is something you can’t just throw together. You must show the committee that you are worthy of attending their school by creating a great essay that is formatted correctly and has no grammatical mistakes. Make it professional looking because it is really the first impression of you that the committee will see.
  • Try and tell a story or give the committee something unique that lets them know why you want to attend nursing school. Many times it is a personal experience or something traumatic that happened when you were younger that made you want to be a nurse. Indicate the point in time when you knew you wanted to be a nurse. Indicate some long term goals you may have of furthering your career past this first nursing degree.
  • You want to show your experiences and what you have done that won’t show up in the grades and scores. Take this opportunity to let them know what experience you have at caring for people. Let them know any volunteer opportunities you have had or any internships.
  • Take this opportunity to stress what special traits you exhibit that makes you stand out. Explain your passion for caring for people and what you want to contribute to society by helping people. You really want to take this opportunity to convince the committee why you want to be a nurse.

Your personal essay gives you a chance to toot your own horn, so to speak. Remember, thousands of people are trying to do the same thing you are so make sure you say something that will make you stand out to the committee. If you want more specific information on how to stand out in this nursing essay just look at this site that you can find here.