The Complete Guide To Synthesis Essay Writing

Whilst most students will have written essays relating to a wide range of different styles, synthesis essay writing isn’t commonly required of students and, therefore, there will be many individuals who will not necessarily understand the requirements of this form of academic writing as fully as they perhaps should. In fact, there are some students who will never have even heard of this form of academic writing and, therefore, will be wondering what they need to do in order to complete the work.

To give you a better understanding of what is required of synthesis essay writing, the following provides a guide to help you.

What are the aims?

Essentially, when writing this form of academic paper you will need to compare various aspects or sections of a single piece of work or, alternatively, you may decide to analyse more than one piece of work. Ultimately, you will be analysing and evaluating two or more different topics in order to try and establish various connections between them.

By establishing various connections, and evaluating the work as a whole, you can begin to synthesise and develop new knowledge and understanding about what has been previously written. To put it another way, you do not simply need to summarise the works that you are comparing, rather you need to use the information that you find in order to create something new.

Choosing appropriate topics to cover

When writing a short academic paper, you will be highly unlikely to have enough room to fully evaluate and analyse two or more major topics. Therefore, when writing a short paper, you should choose relatively short topics to compare. However, if you are writing a longer research paper, or a dissertation, then you may have more than enough room to analyse two or more wide-ranging topics.

The importance of research

In order to pick two topics to write about in the first place, you need to carry out a detailed amount of research. Even then, once you have established the topics that you wish to discuss in your paper, you will still need to carry out further research to find out more about these two subjects.

Ultimately, as well as referring to the two bodies of work that you are comparing, you may wish to include any information that you can find from other sources as well. Therefore, you should use plenty of different materials when carried out your research.