Essay On Fashion And Modernity

Predominantly, it was midst of the 19th century when the market started witnessing a shift in fashion and its trends from traditional to modern fashion. Fashion designers such as Charles Fredrick have transformed the way of clothing and brand marketing. Fashion products became the most lucrative at department stores and attraction towards fashion related magazines started proliferating people’s attention for modern fashion. Visual artists and writers have also pushed the demand for modern fashion by expressing essence of modernity in their arts and work that further attracted people with new visuals and trends.

Media have played a vital role in processing modernization of arts and fashion. Fashion has produced phenomenal outcomes along with the modernization and industrialization across the world. Whether it is journalism & media or material consumption, fashion is always attached to the location where modern concepts of society is negotiated and articulated. This is where urban and modern societies are considered drivers for success in fashion or fashion products being their nature of adoptability and understanding to see the culture along with modern changes.

It has been notified that young people especially young women aged between 18-32 have the highest power in the consumption of fashion products. This age group is either young working group, students or professionals who get attentive towards modern culture very easily as compared to other age group. Marketers today are also focused on influencing people from this age group as they are major target audience for the companies.

As far as marketing and branding are concerned, there has been a drastic change in modernity from traditional concepts. Companies like Zara, H&M, Armani, GAP, etc have adopted celebrity branding as the mode of marketing fashion products because of modern approach of attracting customers. Today, celebrities or sports person have vital role in influencing people and thus, consumers connects their emotions with their idol celebrity. Therefore, such branding has become a part of marketing approach in today’s global fashion marketplace.

Indeed, globalization and industrialization are the major drivers that pushed up the growth in fashion. Along with the growing marketplace and trends in consumption of fashion products, relationship between fashion and modernity has become stronger. Whether it is western countries or Asian countries, every nation is highly influenced with the modernity in fashion. Organizations are considering cultural values in fashion development and entering into a new market to attract customers who wish to be a part of culturally modern fashion.