A List of Original Essay Topics for High School Students

Every high school student needs to be prepared for the fact that they will be required to write essays. There will be different types of essays and different lengths of essays but there will be essays to write. The sooner every high school student accepts that fact and gets on with doing the business the better.

One of the first things a high school student will learn about essay writing involves the choice of topic. This can make or break the success of your essay writing. Choose the right topic and you give yourself an immediate boost. Choose the wrong topic and you struggle; you make life hard for yourself. The key ingredients you should consider include your passion for the subject, your knowledge of information about the subject and possibly your wish to study this subject in greater detail in the future. If you can put a tick against at least two and hopefully all three of those boxes you're giving yourself an excellent chance to enjoy your essay writing and to produce something which earns a very high score or mark. So beware of all of those things when you choose your essay topic. Below is a list of essay topics which are fresh and relevant to life today.

Understand that if you can't come up with an original essay topic it is possible to take a tried and tested essay topic but come up with an original approach or angle to writing your essay. Both methods can work and work well.

  1. Television performers are paid far too much money today.
  2. If students have to wear a uniform to school then teachers should also have to wear a uniform.
  3. If every country is given nuclear weapons nobody will ever use them.
  4. No matter how user-friendly a zoo is created, it is always cruel for the animal residents.
  5. The death penalty does not prevent people from committing horrendous crimes and should be abolished.
  6. Fashion trends are created by clothing manufacturers simply to make more money.
  7. All high school classes should be single-sex classes.
  8. Any politician who is caught lying should be automatically expelled from government.
  9. Handwriting should no longer be taught with all students having a digital device and learning to touch type.
  10. Children in primary or elementary school should all have a cell or mobile phone.