Writing An Opinion Essay On School Bullying: The Key Points To Discuss

Bullying is a disturbing act that happens more than you may think. It can come in many forms and different people can give different descriptions of the experience based on their situation and lifestyle. It can sometimes be quite difficult to identify an instance of this incident and one must pay close attention to what it actually means to be bullied to be able to properly identify each instance. Here are some key points to discuss when writing an opinion essay on school bullying:

  1. Different personality types of victims.
  2. Although the majority of people and students that get bullied are either considered as weird, feeble, nerdy or just that they experienced one instance in school or work that seriously depleted their popularity, others are also bullied within the higher levels of management. Describe these people and their unique form of stresses in this matter.

  3. The social web.
  4. Cyberbullying is a term created to define a relatively new angle of this heinous prospect where various social sites are used as the medium over the internet. The police department in many countries has developed special units for this specific crime. This is a very valid issue currently experiencing heavy debates by the appropriate authorities.

  5. Opportunity.
  6. In this case where there are just two parties, the bully and the bullied, it will be beneficial to write on the opportunities available to them. Touch on what might have caused someone to feel the need to threaten the peace of another and in turn explain some of the factors that may cause the victim to remain in this suppressed state instead of reaching for help.

  7. Benefits to the bully.
  8. With little thought one can understand why bullying would seem attractive to persons that are known to naturally be aggressive and sometimes unreasonable therefore, any essay on bullying should contain points on the actual motives that drive such people. Just this facet of the issue can provide considerable information to prepare your paper.

  9. Possible solutions.
  10. Articles related to this stigma of society can be found in the news and various other programs so I suggest visiting these sources to complete your work. There also magazines that can offer great amounts of information to give your work a dynamic finish.

  11. Advice to victims.
  12. Before your close you should present some alternative routes that victims of bullying can take to get help and other helpful suggestions. Doing so can increase the relevance of your article.