The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Many Resources

If the average child is asked whether he or she would like to have more or less of something they enjoy, the response is almost certain to be ‘more’. If this experiment is repeated with adults the answer is often very similar although they may come to understand that a saturation point can be reached after which the thing they desire becomes a burden in larger quantities. This is sadly true when it comes to resources as well. This essay seeks to cover both the pros and cons to a nation of have very abundant natural resources.

The Advantages

When it comes to trading, a nation that is innately gifted can become a net exporter with little to no effort. Petroleum products have made the United Arab Emirates one of the world’s most luxurious destinations in the space of a lifetimes. This from a country that was once little more than a collection of small towns and villages. The profits from such countries can be diverted into the upliftment of citizens through subsidized utilities, health care, housing and education. With these basic needs taken care of by the state, theoretically the people lucky enough to be natives of such a country would be more likely to devote themselves to creative interests.

The Disadvantages

Countries that are rich in resources tend to attract corrupt governments. There is much more to steal than there would be otherwise and because it is natural, very little management must take place to reap the profits. As a results, citizens rarely see more than a tiny bit of the benefits they should accrue. Worse yet, to the extent that they do benefit, it does not make them more likely to innovate but less so. They say that necessity is invention’s mother and in societies where there is very little need, inventions are never born. A wonderful climate, oil reserves, abundant rainfall and fertile soil can seem like a blessing on the surface but this is all part of what is known as the paradox of plenty. People who would think of solutions never do when there are no problems for them to devote their time to attacking.

Even with the paradox of plenty, most governments would prefer more resources. The key is to stimulate the desire to create regardless. There can also be legislative changes that make it harder for corruption to thrive.