The Role Of Women In 20th Century Europe

The best gift that the world received from God is women. Women play a significant role in day to day lives of human beings. Women are our sisters, wives and mothers. They were created by God to support men and offer them help. Women are a symbol of love. They give motivation, show love, encourage and control vital aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, most people do not understand and thus cannot appreciate the role and importance of women in the society. Worst is when women themselves don’t know what importance beings they are in the world. In the past days, women were not educated. They thus did not recognize their significance and played second to men. They were treated as objects and did have any rights. The place for women was at home. They were supposed to bear and bring up children. A woman was respected depending on the family that she brought up. They did not have a right to own property or even build a career.

Role of women after the war

The French Revolution was one of the worst nightmares for women. It deprived women all the rights that they ever dreamt of. Things only looked a bit bright after the wars that followed this revolution. This was influenced by the vital roles that women played during this time of the wars. Women were given a chance to work in the industries to manufacture bullets to be used in the war. Men spent most of the time on the battlefield and this gave women a chance to work outside their homes. Women worked on the farms so as to have food to eat during this time of the war. Other women were allowed to work as nurses so as to attend to those that were wounded in the war. During the Second World War, some women were given a chance to be in the military.

A turn around in the Twentieth Century

After the war, many things changed. Women were allowed to own property and even build a career. This increased the number of women that worked outside their homes. More women went to school and chose the career path that they wanted to follow. Women were also allowed to vote and hold elective political posts. Women acquired the right to control their reproduction life. By the end of the twentieth century, women were fighting for equal rights with men. They could teach and hold any positions in the society. The main factors that govern what a woman can and cannot do are the time and the geographic location.