The Israeli World VS The Arab World

The Arab and the Israel conflict dates back to almost to the times of the Great Prophet Muhammad-popularly known as God’s messenger. There are various aspects of this sensitive and interesting topic. But lately, the whole scene has been changed drastically, and the basic mentality has become the hatred among the Jews, and the Muslims-which is indeed an unfortunate incident in the history of Mankind. In the Middle East, the dominant tribes are the Arabs – who are the supreme lords of present day. Twenty-one countries popularly known as the Arab states. In between them stands the small Jewish and ancient country of Israel, which is very important for two of the most widely spread and significant religions in the world history apart from Zoroastrianism or the religion of the Jews. These two religions are- Islam and Christianity. The history of this present day conflict in the Arab world and the Israeli world can be traced back to the medieval era and also to a particular prophecy of Bible. But, the truth is that, in those days, almost everyone was involved in warfare with one another in the power struggle. But, the modern day conflicts started with the war declared by the combined forces of the Arab world (Arab countries) against Israel in the year 1948, which is also popularly known as the War of Independence. It is noteworthy that the strategically, religiously and historically important town of Jerusalem is both of concern for the Islamic-Arab world, the Jews and the Christians. And the Arab world has been intending to capture the whole of Israel, especially Jerusalem since a long time for simply the sake to satisfy their religious ego and to take religious and political control over the whole Arab peninsula and to establish Islam as the most prominent religion across the world.

It is to be noted that, till date the Arab countries has waged war against Israel six times and though the combined size and proportion of the Arab world is 650 times greater than the Israel, still they have been unable to defeat Israel and each time, Israel has emerged victorious, though these wars have caused severe damage and casualties in both the parties and the victims were mostly innocent. The reasons behind the conflict between these two countries have largely been political and religious.

Israel as a country has mostly been content with its position, and they merely responded to the combined attacks of the Arab countries. And after each win Israel withdrew their forces from the occupied Arab territory and lands which gave birth to the popular saying that if the Arabs gave up war and weapons, then there will be no violence in this world but if Israel gave up war and weapons, then Israel will cease to exist.