Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia And Herzegovina is also informally known as Bosnia and abbreviated as BiH. It is a small country located in the Southern Europe. Its capital city Sarajevo is its largest city. Bosnia borders Sarbia, Croatia, Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea in the South. It has a 20km of a coastline that surrounds the city of Neum. It has a hilly and mountainous geography in the interior. The climate is a moderate continental characterized by hot summers and freezing snow-filled winters. The country was settled in the 9th centuries AD. Being among the first countries to be settled in the region, it has a very rich political, social and cultural history. Today, Bosnia is one of the most visited countries in the region. This is owed to the educational levels, literacy and high life expectancy. Its tourism growth rate has been on the rise being ranked third in the world. It is projected to be at the top by 2020.

Bosnia economy

Since the election in 1990, there was never a state of peace in Bosnia. Minor revolts kept on emerging from time to time. The situation, however, became worse towards the end of 1992 when Croat attacked Bosniak. During the attack, there was a lot of violation of civil rights. There were a lot of killings and destruction of property. Bosnia had also been involved in the World War Two. These Wars led to the destruction of Bosnia economy and it was left on its feet. Bosnia relied on agriculture and most of the farming was done on private farms. They exported foods out of the country. After the war, the GDP had fallen by about 60 percent. The infrastructure was destroyed and this affected the economy greatly. They have not been able to rebuild the production sector and Bosnia is still struggling from the effects of the wars. Bosnia has, however, showed some steady progress in the past few years. The inflation rate in the country is very low compared to that of other regions in the area. Its economy is also facing a significant boost by the growing tourism industry.

Government and Politics

The political system in Bosnia has been restructured several times. One of the major reforms was when it was divided into two on the basis of the warring groups. The national government has however been gaining power as compared to the relative entities of Bosnia. Currently, the representation in Bosnia is by elites. A few represent the three major groups in Bosnia.