The Purpose Of An Illustration Essay: A Writing Guide For Students

This is quite a simple type of essay; not too complicated to write. Basically, you will be giving examples of something. These examples should be very relevant and make a point that helps build the foundation of the essay. This type of paper describes a topic by using literary imagery. There is an important role for adjectives in your writing. Descriptions are made through the use of examples.

Writing guide for your paper

  • Just like with any paper, the first paragraph is the introduction to your topic. This paragraph will also include the main descriptions you’re using for your topic. You won’t go into detail here, but you can use a few keyword which you’ll go into more detail later.
  • Each keyword you used in the introduction forms its own paragraph in the body of your paper. This helps you keep on track and not get deviated away from the main reason you’re writing this paper.
  • Pay attention to the descriptions you use; don’t be vague or general. They should be specific enough to shed ample light on the point you are making and help you to accomplish your purpose.
  • When using comparisons, choose things that have some familiarity to your readers. The comparisons should be something they can understand; otherwise they won’t be effective in making your point.
  • Your evidence and examples should be appropriate to your audience as well as adequately express the illustrations you want to make.
  • Try to involve all the senses to keep the reader more engaged. Some writing tutorials call this “show rather than tell.” So basically, in your discussions use colorful and descriptive words that help the reader smell, feel, experience, see and hear what you are trying to express.

As in anything you are writing academically for a good grade, make sure you follow any style guidelines you may have been given. Additionally, don’t skimp on editing and proofreading because that’s what really polishes up an essay and helps it stand out from the rest. It really increases the quality in the teacher’s eyes, who has been trained to look for spelling and grammar mistakes. Unfortunately many a well-researched and written paper has sunk to the bottom of the heap because of the lack of proofreading. Don’t let that happen to you. The best way to accomplish a good proofreading is to go over it yourself when you’re finished writing and correct everything you can find. Then give it to someone else and challenge them to find errors. You can get some good feedback this way.