The Best Classification Essay Topics: 25 Unique Suggestions

A classification essay is one where your job is to classify, or divide, different events or people or subjects into groups based on a similar principle. You can just about classify anything you want for your paper so long as it makes sense to the reader. What is most important is that you pick items which have similarities and differences so that you can classify them properly. Below are 25 unique suggestions for the best classification essay topics:

  1. Divide a few different social media users
  2. Divide videos on Youtube into those which are educational, funny, promotional, etc…
  3. Divide a few different genres of music, singers, and songs
  4. Divide a few different types of friends that you have
  5. Divide a couple of different lectures you have to attend for school
  6. Divide a couple of different parenting styles
  7. Write about a handful of different extra curricular activities available to children today.
  8. Write about a handful of different vacation types, such as those who go on sports filled outdoor vacations, those who go on spa vacations, those who are busy site seeing on vacation.
  9. Write about different cultural traditions between countries of your choosing
  10. Write about a handful of different gifts given during the holidays around the world
  11. Write about different ways people alleviate stress in their lives.
  12. Write about different manners through which people can increase or improve memory
  13. Classify a handful of different sources of energy
  14. Classify different types of debates, such as school debates, political debates, or debate styles
  15. Classify a handful of different ways in which individuals can lose weigh
  16. Classify different ways to stay motivated
  17. Classify different strategies people use to quite bad habits
  18. Classify a handful of different study methods
  19. Classify different conflict resolution styles used in post conflict societies or in the modern legal system
  20. Write about different ways in which people respond to humor
  21. Write about a handful of different defensive tactics people use
  22. Write about different self-defense styles
  23. Write about different strategies for environmental management
  24. Write about a handful of different drinks like soda or coffee
  25. Write about what factors influence shopping behavior

Remember that these are intended to be guidelines and you should find a topic which best fits your assignment parameters.