The Walt Disney Company: Its Diversification Strategy In 2012

The Walt Disney Company has existed since 1923. Its success is the direct result of effective management. The company evolves with time and effectively implements newly developed strategies and tools that help its growth. The diversification strategy of 2012 is a good example of Disney’s business strategy.

The focus of the 2012 diversification strategy of the Walt Disney Company is organizational changes. It is the people who make the company, so by promoting from within the business can achieve its ultimate goal of growth more easily. The staff members who worked with Disney for a long time understand the inner dynamics of the company much better. Therefore, they will be more effective as corporate officers. The fact that the other members of the staff know and trust them will also be an asset for the business.

Originally the Walt Disney Company’s business goals were limited to cartoon production and promotion. However, today the business has expanded and diversified. The current level of Disney’s market diversification is excellent, so it will be most beneficial to strengthen Disney’s position in every area. This will reduce the risks associated with releasing and licensing new products. The funds saved from these parts of the total budget can be divided between the existing departments to promote local growth and stability. As world economy has suffered a series of crises recently, stability is the main focus of the business. Unnecessary risks can lead to the increase in liabilities instead of adding to the company’s assets. The recommended course of action in this case is to focus on analysis of both the external and internal environment and reevaluate the company’s business goals.

The Walt Disney Company is an international business and as such must follow and adjust to the changes of local economies. It is essential to stay in tune with the shifts on the markets and implement the necessary changes quickly and efficiently. To safeguard the business as a whole, every department must develop emergency strategies to fall back on in various dire situations. It is imperative to conduct regular customer surveys in order to stay informed of the changes in the public’s demands and opinions.

Although it somehow lost its initial glory over the years, the Walt Disney Company was reborn under the guidance of Michael Eisner. He managed to revitalize TV, Theme Parks, movies, and even started develop new business opportunities. Today the Walt Disney Company is one of the strongest international businesses and it must uphold its values and effective strategies to pull through the times of economic instability.