Things I Would Change About Our World

The present society and living conditions have a number of issues that deteriorate the quality of life. If I would be given a chance to make certain changes in the prevalent conditions, I would definitely alter a number of things. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Abolishing the division created on the basis of socio-economic conditions
  2. The major issue that today's world confronts is the discrimination done on the basis of social and economic conditions. I would like to introduce an air of equality. I will create an environment that resists and eliminates the discrimination. I believe we need a society where people are respected because of their character, skills, and abilities rather than their money, cast, creed, colour, race, and religion.

  3. Limiting the degree of industrialisation
  4. Even though industrialisation has provided the world with a number of benefits, but the increase in the degree of industrialisation has had dangerous impacts on the environment. I would like to keep the industrial activities within optimum levels where their benefits exceed their costs. This would enable the people to reap maximum possible benefits of these activities, without compromising on various aspects of the surrounding environment.

  5. Increasing the levels of accountability and transparency
  6. The world is experiencing misuse of power every now and then. This causes people to lose trust on the judicial system. It is also one of the major causes of unequal distribution of income and wealth in a number of countries around the world. By establishing appropriate and visible lines of accountability, I will like to make the authorities more answerable. In this way the valuable resources of the nations would be used more efficiently. In addition, people will feel more secure and their trust on the global judicial system would be restored.

  7. Increasing the sense of unity and harmony among the people
  8. A look into the present conditions of the world would make you realise that the inhuman acts are increasing at a very high rate. We are in the midst of violence, terrorism, crimes, and supreme chaos. The reason behind all of these problems is the lack of harmony among people. If people all around the world will stand united for a good cause and render all the possible efforts to eliminate the social evils, then this world would definitely become a much better and secure place to live in.

Hence, these are all the elements I would like to change in the world that not only surrounds me but also the people I care about.