Homosexuality And Genetics

There has been a lot and deep talk about gay people and other people that are not straight. Some talks that have created a heated debate are the issue whether being gay or a lesbian is a choice or not. This is especially in the developed countries where gay rights are a thing of primary concern. Other people argue that being gay is not by choice but is because of biological basis or genetic. There is however not enough evidence to prove either of these allegations. It has however been noted that it is not only human beings that exhibit this trait. Many other animal species are seen to be sexually excited or stimulated by others of the same sex. This therefore shows that sex with a member of the same sex is not something that has been created or modernized by the human beings. It is there in the biology even though there are no clear explanations as to why these things happen. This shows that there is a very high possibility of homosexuality being related or caused by an individual gene.

Biological Origin

Recent research shows that men who are gay have been found to have a chromosome called Xq28. This chromosome is more prevalent in men that are gay. The study that led to this observation that many people would call crazy was done on 400 pairs of gay brothers. During the survey, it was keenly observed that they gay trait is in the family lineage. Twins that share all their genes are more likely to be gay than twins that share just half of the genes. Gene alteration is another factor that could lead to one being gay. Alterations may turn some of the traits on and others off. These changes may be caused by different environmental conditions and other conditions like womb problems.

Orientation Change

Another factor that point to homosexuality being genetic is the issue of voluntary orientation. It is difficult and rather challenging for a person that is straight to make a decision to change their sexuality status. This is the reason people that go to jail and are sexually molested get mentally disturbed. Being gay is not a voluntary choice that one makes. It has to be genetic. Boys will have their sexual orientation known by the time they reach puberty. This is a suffice reason that they are being controlled by some inner force and not just things that are happening around them.