How accurate are horoscopes

Horoscopes are predictions of the future of a person based on the movement or position of the celestial bodies. It is interesting how some people firmly believe in horoscopes while others view it as some senseless psychic beliefs. It is surprising how even the strong observers of horoscope signs admit that the horoscope gives one just a general view of what is likely to happen in their day.The opponents of horoscope argue that it has never been understood how human nature can be affected by the celestial bodies. Horoscopes are today published in the dailies for the followers to look at them. Despite the misunderstandings surrounding this issue of horoscopes, they are always in the dailies for the followers to keep following.

Advantages of Horoscopes

Believers of horoscope predictions encourage people to use them in planning their day. Observing one's daily horoscope can give a rough idea of what will happen during the day. This can help them to prepare adequately for the expected happenings. In an attempt to explain their belief, Protagonists for horoscope endorse the theory of metaphysics that indicate that matter is connected. This leads them to conclude that the changes in the positions of celestial bodies will have a resulting influence on humans. What they fail to explain is how the humans affect these bodies in return.

Critics against the accuracy of horoscope

Those who are against the use of horoscope predictions have raised some issues to disapprove any existence of truth in them. Firstly, there is no scientific proof backing horoscope predictions. They go ahead to argue that there is a possibility of having the same sign with different results. They, therefore, question the interpretation of these signs. They view the interpretation as being influenced by some personal forces in favour of the expected outcome. They do not understand how under normal circumstances the same sign can have different results. To be able to follow the horoscopes correctly, one needs to know their birth date accurately. Otherwise, one gets a wrong prediction. It cannot therefore be used to predict the future of a person who does not know the correct data for the birth date. Horoscopes fail to tell the exact time and place for happening of an event. Opponents argue that if these predictions were true there would be a way to tell when and where it will happen. This mark of the use of horoscopes is negative.