Great Advice On How To Start A Cause And Effect Essay Introduction

A cause and effect essay looks at how one thing is the cause of another. Think about it like this. When it rains, the dirt becomes mud. The water causes the effect which is the dirt turning into mud. You need to write your paper on this type of topic. I would not choose that one because you can’t say too much more than that.

The introduction for a cause and effect essay will be a little different than most other papers simply because you have to introduce both of your topics. You will be discussing topics or events, so it is best to let your reader know what you are talking too. You should consider this advice when creating the introduction.

  • Use a catchy phrase to get your audience’s attention. You can find a direct quote that is very interesting to start your paper off with. If you can find a catchy direct quote that expresses the cause and effect that you are writing your paper on, it will be a perfect start to your paper. When you are reading the resources to start doing the research on your paper, make sure to jot down any interesting quotes that you may be able to use for this part of the paper and its citation information.

  • Use the introduction to give some background information. It is where you will give your reader some interesting and necessary information so that they can understand your paper even if they have never heard about it prior.

  • You will need to present your thesis statement in the introduction paragraph as well. It will be the main point that you are trying to make. You would state that one thing causes another for example. It is essential that your entire paper focuses on proving this point.

  • If you find interesting information but it doesn’t specifically relate to your thesis and is not needed for background information, you should leave it out. Even if you found it really interesting. It will actually take away from your paper instead of enhancing it. The goal is to make sure that every word and sentence works to prove that thesis.

You can write an effective introduction to your cause and effect essay by following this advice. I hope that it helps you understand what you will need to do.