Superheroes have mainly been used in the fiction world. A superhero in a story or film is a character that has powers that are supernatural or even extraordinary talents. The superhero can be a man in the story. Female ones are known as super heroines. The major role of these characters in any given story is usually protection of the public and the community. The goal of using such characters in the fiction is moral. Lessons learned from these stories and characters are meant to teach the readers of how they should be proactive in problem solving and the importance of courage. Most of the times, the superheroes are given the role of saving the others when they are in danger. They are also given the role of being in charge of security or protection of the rest of the people in the story community. These stories or films that use superheroes are mainly meant for children. They have moral and important lessons for them.

Characteristics of Superheroes

They have abilities that are extraordinary. They have supernatural powers too. They protect the rest of the characters in the story. They are the strongest in the story and are brave. They are respected by others in the story.

Effects of the Superheroes on Children

Creativity is boosted if the children interact with the superheroes in course of their reading. Children may use the stories with the superheroes or even these films. They are important as they have the capability and power to improve the creativity of the children. The experience in the interaction can make them learn new ideas and are also able to create their stories. Their thinking is also broadened as they understand that some things are only possible if one is powerful. They may thus take the courage. They also learn of good virtues including being nice and helping others in their difficulties. This is majorly built in incidents in films or stories where the superheroes help the community members or rescue others in danger or situations. The children also learn the need for bravery. They realize that bravery is important. They may also have some courage while dealing with situations from their experience and encounter with superheroes in books or even films. The reading, listening and watching ensures that the children learn and develop their abilities in language and interpretation. Problem-solving skills are learned in these encounters too.