The Complete Guide to Argumentative Essay Writing - Free Tips Online

An argumentative essay is designed to argue one side of an issue. The best topics to use for argumentative papers are controversial issues. These are issues where there are just as many people opposing the issues and there are people supporting it. You can’t to use one of these types of topics because you will find that there is a lot of information for either side of the issue. You don’t have to worry so much that you won’t have enough information to complete the assignment.

When you are writing an argumentative essay your topic is very important and the formatting is important. Let’s discuss these issues next.

Choosing a topic

When you are choosing a topic, you want to make sure that you are choosing one that is very interesting to you. Your paper will turn out better if you are interested in the topic. Choose a topic that you can remain objective on as well. You do not present your opinion in this type of essay. It is a paper that uses facts to prove your side without letting emotion and opinions in the way.

Unique formatting

Unlike most essays, this one has an additional paragraph. Most papers use the five paragraph essay format and this type of paper has six. It will include the five regular paragraphs and then add one that describes the view of the opposition. So you will start off with your introduction. You will write your three main body paragraphs next. Each will be a different reason why you support or oppose the issue. This will be followed by a paragraph that lists the opposing view and a specific defense to refute that claim and lastly your conclusion.

You do have the luxury of mixing up the body paragraphs. You do not have to list the opposing view last. Some writers find it more effective to do it as the second body paragraph. It is not suggested that you list the opposing view first because it could become very confusing. It is all up to you.

An argumentative essay is an effective way of expressing your opinion on a subject while remaining objective. You want to express your opinions through facts and not with thoughts and feelings. It is a good idea to create a solid thesis statement before getting too far into the writing process so you make sure that everything in the essay is there to prove that statement.