A Manual For Choosing Good Essay Topics For Othello

Othello is a rich literary piece with incredibly content for academic essays. It has been studied at various levels with numerous term papers and thesis on different topics. Writing an essay on Othello therefore presents a dilemma especially on how to choose a topic that is captivating and exciting to read. The secret to a compelling paper is to get a fresh idea or provide a new twist to what is thought to be the norm about Othello. To achieve this, here are great suggestions.

  1. Choose An Interesting Character

  2. Shakespeare was a master of character creation. His characters were very mature and developed to provide interesting study materials. These characters are perfect for the roles given and the plot in general. To make your essay topic on Othello interesting, pick a character and examine him or her in relation to others, the plot and contribution to the story, among other aspects. Some of the interesting topics based on characters include:-

    • Desdemona represents a unique character in the play. What character is it and how does it advance the plot?
    • Othello does not investigate lago’s accusations. What does that say about his character?
    • Female characters play a role similar to that of Othello. Discuss.

  3. Pick a Theme

  4. Othello presents an opportunity to explore numerous themes that are applicable at the time and in the present world. They include the themes of marriage, love, trust and social fibre. A theme may be studied in the context of an event or in relation to events beyond the play. Some of the essay topics on Othello based on particular themes include:-

    • How does Othello expound on the issue of racism in the Elizabethan period?
    • Discuss the theme of duplicity as exemplified in Othello.
    • Shakespeare brings out the theme of jealousy perfectly through Othello. Is this strategy effective?

  5. Focus on stylistics

  6. Shakespeare mastery of language is unique from one play to the other. As such, Othello, among other works, presents a rich point of focus when discussing language and stylistics. Some of the stylistics employed include poetry and poetic freedom. Language use in the Elizabethan era and present day is considerably different. These are interesting areas of study for an essay on Othello.

To perfectly write an essay on Othello, study the play comprehensively and identify areas that are interesting to explore. Make the topic as compelling and fresh as possible to capture the attention of the reader.