10 Tips to Write a Strong Definition Essay on Freedom

Freedom is a very popular topic for a definition essay. Supervisors often assign this topic and wait for outstanding ideas developed by their students. The meaning of freedom is different for different individuals; this term is contradictory, so there are many aspects to write about. In some countries, people consider freedom as an illusion, while others experience it as a part of their everyday lives. However, students often get stuck and do not realize what to write about and how to describe their thoughts in the best way. The following simple tips are designed in order to help students compose strong definition essays on freedom:

  1. You should not try to give definition that are too broad in the scope of the essay. It is important to narrow the topic down and stay specific so you will not confuse the readers. Make sure to introduce your topic while keeping the paper’s goal in mind.
  2. Your thesis statement should be clear but not obvious. The readers should understand your position and want to read the whole piece of writing in order to learn your arguments.
  3. It is a good idea to develop a controversial thesis that will help you to define the term and concept of freedom.
  4. Quotes always work for this topic, so you can select an interesting quote that presents your position and attracts the attention of potential readers.
  5. Your conclusion should represent your own point of view towards freedom, and its role in the process of decision-making.
  6. Though you provide a clear and detailed definition, you should select concrete and vivid examples. Your task is to explain the concept and interpret its meaning. Do not hesitate to describe your own thoughts and conclude your essay with a unique definition.
  7. It makes sense to read several writing manuals and revise the basic grammar and punctuation rules, so you will produce your text easier and make fewer mistakes.
  8. You should do your best in order to choose good sources for your paper. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are worth using. However, it is also reasonable to check scholarly articles and popular blogs. Do not forget to cite and add every source you used in your list of works cited.
  9. Interesting assignments often point out some cases where the concept is used, along with historical information about its origin, evolution, and current usage.
  10. Each and every strong essay should be edited and proofread. Mistakes worsen the first impression of your work, so your supervisor is likely to lower your grade.