Twelve Successful Essay Topics On Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

When it comes to writing an essay, not everyone can come up with a good topic on their own. So, if you have problems with your essay based on the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you can pick some topic from the list given below.

  1. Difference between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  2. Can you say that Jekyll is absolutely good person and Hyde is purely evil one? Are there any common traits in these two differing characters?

  3. Personality of Mr. Utterson.
  4. Why does the author spend so much time explaining to the reader who is Mr. Utterson? What are the relations between Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll?

  5. The story of Mr. Enfield.
  6. What caused him to notice Mr. Hyde? Why did he hide the name written on the check? Can you explain the title of the first chapter having read the story of Mr. Enfield?

  7. Disagreement between Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon.
  8. What is the cause of their disagreement? How did Lanyon find out about the experiments of Dr. Jekyll and their extent?

  9. Storytelling.
  10. How do readers perceive the storytelling through various characters? Is it confusing or vice versa?

  11. The duality of humans.
  12. Dr. Jekyll explains this idea in a written form. But have you noticed other means in the text that illustrate the idea? What parts of the novella better demonstrate the duality of our nature?

  13. Interaction between Jekyll and Hyde.
  14. How does Dr. Jekyll relate to Mr. Hyde? Do you think that Jekyll needs Hyde in a certain sense?

  15. Reflection of reality through the novella.
  16. Does the theme of the novella somehow reflect or contradict beliefs and foundations of Victorian era?

  17. Experiment of Dr. Jekyll.
  18. Can you consider his experiment as a success or fail? Did the potion meet his expectations or not?

  19. Actions of Mr. Hyde.
  20. Why did Hyde commit his terrible acts on silent and clean streets? Does this have any meaning or correlates with some ideas given in the novella?

  21. Shift of the control.
  22. In the beginning of the novella Mr. Hyde totally controls Dr. Jekyll. Though, at the end Dr. Jekyll gains control over Hyde. Can you explain how did it happen?

  23. Lack of female characters.
  24. Why do you think there are no female narrators in the novella? Do you think adding a significant female character would allow readers to look at the story from a different angle?