Useful Suggestions For Those Who Are Struggling With Their Essays

It’s no fun to worry about your essay for weeks. The days go by and you just don’t know where to start. The deadline looms closer and your stress levels creep higher. This isn’t a very healthy scenario and doesn’t help to get your paper done any sooner.

Instead, try implementing the following strategies to get your essay written in good time, and enjoy some success.

  • - Make sure you know exactly what’s expected for the assignment. Know the question or topic assigned. If you are choosing your own topic, make sure to stay within any guidelines that may have been given.
  • - Make sure your topic is broad enough to get enough background material and yet specific enough to cover fully within the scope of your paper.
  • - Make sure you do any necessary reading before you start any of the writing. For example, if your assignment is to write a paper on the character of “Othello” in the Shakespearean play, you will need to read the play before you can start any writing. You may want to read additional material as well, that’s relevant and enlightening for your topic. Take notes as you go along so you can refer to them later. Always reference the page you took them from so you can go back to the original source if necessary.
  • - Brainstorm some of the ideas you have to support or answer your question or topic. Sometimes the use of a mind map can help you coordinate the ideas and see how they fit together.
  • - Develop a thesis, which is an idea or argument that responds to the research question.
  • - Plan out an outline for your paper. What are your main points? Make sure there is sufficient supporting evidence for each. You can group similar ideas together and include them in the same paragraph. Each paragraph should have its own main idea and then related smaller ideas as support.
  • - Write the main body of your paper first. It’s so much easier to do this part before you write the introduction. Then you can finish up the writing by crafting the introduction and conclusion. Both of these paragraphs are basically summaries of the main body of the paper. But you have to word them differently. The introduction should contain a hood that reels in the reader and makes them want to finish reading. The conclusion should summarize the findings and leave the reader with a desire for deeper thinking.
  • - Always spend sufficient time and efforts on editing and proofreading. Also read your essay out loud to know if it sounds well. Use an online service to read my essay to me. Leave some time in the schedule to do this part efficiently. Editing and proofreading can really polish up your writing and make it shine.