Coming Up With Winning Narrative Essay Topics For Grade 7

A narrative essay will generally be written in the first person, and will revolve around you talking or describing about a certain theme. Narrative papers are a particularly enjoyable form of assignment, and allow you to potentially use a great deal of imagination, depending upon the topic that you choose. If you are still trying to think of a good topic to use for your paper, then the suggestions that have been included below may give you some great ideas.

Choosing a topic based on an interesting experience

You may wish to base your topic on a particular experience. For example, it may be an experience that you have recently, or further back in the past. Alternatively, it may even be an experience that you have yet to have yourself, but would like to one day.

Describing a poignant day

You may wish to think about in interesting or poignant day in your life, such as the first time you did something particularly special. You can then describe what happened during that day, highlighting any important points.

It may be that you want to write about watching your favourite sports team win a cup, or it could be the first time you learned to ride a bike, or it could be any other interesting or poignant day from your life. In fact, you can even describe days that haven’t yet happened. For example, you may wish to talk about your idea of what the perfect day would be.

Using more abstract concepts as a topic for your essay

Speaking of things that have necessarily happened, you may wish to use more of an abstract idea in your essay. For example, you may wish to talk about a dream that you may have had. You can even talk about the memory of something. Essentially, the only limits are your imagination.

To help get your imagination going, you may wish to read the suggestions that have been provided below for further ideas.

  • My idea of the perfect day
  • My favourite meal
  • If I could have one job in life
  • If I could be a famous person for a day
  • If I could go back in time
  • My first memory
  • How I learned to ride a bike
  • An amazing discovery that I made
  • The first time I discovered the truth about Santa Claus
  • My perfect road trip