A List Of Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

Entertainment is a major part of our everyday lives as we seek different means of relaxing after a hard day at work. Sporting events are a major form of entertainment with many sports being practiced solely for entertainment purposes, though many hard fought regional and global competitions also exist. Here are some argumentative essay topics by ewritingservice.com writing company on sport for your consideration:

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  1. Healthy career, unhealthy retirement
  2. Athletes are the fittest people on the earth and are often required to perform tasks of extreme physical demands. These activities can have lasting effects on the physiology of an individual and quite often athletes require body part replacements. Given these facts, can athletes still be considered healthy?

  3. Love life of athletes
  4. It can be difficult balancing the life of a celebrity and a personal relationship. Many professional athletes have to deal with what would normally be a private matter being exposed to the public. Explore the idea that laws should be put in place to protect individuals in this position.

  5. Sports and child support
  6. Women have been known to get pregnant for male sportsmen in hopes of collecting child support money. Discuss the possibility of criminally convicting these women for such activities.

  7. Drug abuse in sports
  8. The definition of drug abuse in sports is vague and is a result of the opinion of individuals rather than scientific evidence.

  9. Education or Victory
  10. In school sports it is common practice that promising athletes are given more lenient educational assessment in order to enable them to continue playing for the team. This practice is often denied but many cases have been reported.

  11. Violence in the stadium
  12. Sporting fans can become enraged when their team loses and violence against other supporters is common. Should more efforts be made to separate fans in these places?

  13. Patriotism or wealth
  14. Sporting clubs offer large sums of money to good athletes, often denying them the opportunity to represent their own countries. Should this practice be stopped or laws made to ensure that athletes can always represent their native teams?

  15. Retirement plans
  16. As an athlete your career is hardly likely to go past 35 and with limited skills, employment is unlikely.

  17. Objectification of people
  18. Athletes are often bartered between competing clubs like produce in a market, how does this practice affect the way young people value themselves?

  19. Fake sports
  20. Some sports are designed purely for entertainment with winners and losers being scripted. This type of sporting activity is misleading and dangerous and should be stopped.